Seamless LIVE streaming

Now embrace the distance and rule out the delays with DigiLIVE’s video streaming service.

Why DigiLIVE

Progressive Engagement

Influence millions within seconds via popular platforms.

HD-Video Streaming

World class High-definition Video Streaming, Adaptive Video Player.

Expert Analytics

Track Valuable Insights on various parameters, monitor the
viewership for your product.

Technical Proficiency

Experiencing the best quality webcasting for your event for
maximizing the audience engagement.

Audience Connect

In today’s fast-paced world the purview of live streaming includes business conferences, live product launches, brand promotional events, award functions, sports, workshops, employee meet, marriage ceremonies and what not! As the attention spans of consumers are decreasing day by day hence using live streaming service is the smartest way of connecting maximum number of audience at a time.

  • Target maximum consumers
  • Minimum Operational Cost
  • Growth in Production
  • Effective Use of Human resources
  • Building VOD Library
  • Premium Quality at Low Bandwidth

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